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What is the Harnessing Health Network?

Together, the network harnesses 
the unique expertise needed by the public sector to design, commission and deliver complex, innovative and outcomes focussed services to improve health and wellbeing.

  • The Harnessing Health Network wants to change the traditional nature of improving the health and wellbeing of citizens from that of reactive response to a proactive, sustainable whole system approach of prevention.
  • We are a diverse group of experts who can create a fresh approach to health and wellbeing from roots founded in credibility and integrity.
  • We offer short, medium and long term support on health and wellbeing priorities; a proactive whole system support team approach which brings together talented, credible, motivated and flexible professionals who work with clients to deliver sustainable improvements in health and wellbeing.

Our expertise includes:

  • Strategic leadership
  • Leading and achieving transformational change
  • Policy development
  • Service re-design
  • Behaviour change
  • Evidence and evaluation
  • Social marketing
  • Consultation
  • Digital innovation
  • Executive coaching for teams and individuals.
Our Team
Find out more about the Network, and the people that make it so special.

Welcome to the Harnessing Health Network, a network of whole systems thinkers and experts committed to health and wellbeing. We’ve been meeting since 2016 to connect with like-minded people, share ideas and collaborate.

We invite new members to join us, and commissioners to engage with us, so that together we can create new and better ways to serve our communities. Besides meeting each month, we are committed to hosting and facilitating thought leadership events that stimulate transformation.

We have a network of over 20 experts and growing, and you can find out more about them here. We look forward to delivering solutions with you soon.

Sue Henry, Founding Member.

Why Would Commissioners Be Interested
The Harnessing Health Network is made up of a highly credible group of experts from the public sector, equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to change behaviour following a whole system approach.
Relevant and accessible expertise

A team can be quickly brought together to bring immediate value and solutions.

Well connected, locally and nationally

Explore practices and uncover approaches, capability and capacity to improve outcomes.

Agile whole system

A pool of talent that can collaborate to offer know how, with complementary skills to maximise impact.

Broad and up-to-date knowledge

Intelligent, evidence based and appropriate approaches to deliver results.

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Become a Member

The network is here to develop and share knowledge on systems/policy changes, collaborate for health and wellbeing contracts and to offer peer support.

If you are someone who has previously been employed in the public sector, and interested in collaborating with others to improve health and wellbeing; want to grow your knowledge of what is happening in the sector; or want to connect with other like minded professionals and share ideas, the Harnessing Health Networking could be for you.

You can request a call back using the contact form on the left.